The pile turner…….for the demands of the printer or paper and board converter, a piece of equipment which should be seriously considered. The pile turner speeds up both the printing and finishing process. As the demands for quality increase the pile turner represents a sensible investment. Other important operations are achieved by airing the paper or board material. Today‚Äôs fast runnning presses require piles provided with the adequate room temperature and humidity. Ink & varnish is quickly dried after print and 90% of spray powder will be removed! Backing up jobs will never be so easy!

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Available Models

Busch Banding Machines

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Table Banding Machine TB 39

Thousands of machines have been sold due to their reliability and ease of handling. Both simple and difficult work is carried out with ease. The electronically-controlled units are noted for their versatility.

Printers band products of all sorts while bankers band their loose bank notes. Other industries also use the machines for different applications.

Banding is done either with kraft paper tape, coated on one side, or with transparent polypropylene foil in different widths.

The integrated electronic temperature control guarantees a regular sealing temperature, identical for both kraft paper and foil. Voltage fluctuations on the mains supply are compensated for. The loop size, tape tension and time delay for releasing the banding process in automatic mode are adjustable. The digital display indicates the sealing temperature, time delay and error code.

After feeding the material for banding the kraft paper or foil tape is drawn softly around the package and the tape ends lying on top of each other are sealed. On model TB 24 a new loop is formed automatically once the package is taken out of the bander. On model TB 39 a new loop is formed after the sealing process, but independant of the removal of the package.

The machines offer three methods of activating the banding process:

1. Single stroke acctivated by push-button

2. Single stroke activated by foot pedal

3. Automatic sensor activation

For high volume production a movable large reel stand is offered; the height of the stand is adjustable.

New tape reels are easy to change.

The machines are produced exclusively Germany.

Pile Turners

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SWH 90 & SWH 125 Pile Turners

A BUSCH Pile Turner is a heavyweight machine with a host of features making it easy to use. The pressure control on closing the pile avoids set-off, while air volume, speed of air jets and jogging intensity are all readily adjustable. A movable control panel allows to get to the front and back of the pile. The machine can easily be moved when required.

it turns
All types of machine pallets and feed boards can be used. Huge time savings are achieved on a work-and-turn job.

it airs
To separate sheets before printing – particularly helpful when the pile has been compressed on the pallet. No more mis-feeds. Suitable for almost all kinds of stock.

so it conditions
Fast running presses require stock at a correct room temperature and humidity. Airing achieves this, while also removing dust and debris.

and dries
Ink and varnish dries more quickly after airing, giving a faster turnaround. Also removes surplus spray powder

it jogs
To produce perfect alignment of paper and board (even PVC and plastics) while jogged and aired in the tilted position. Jogging will also straighten mis-aligned piles.

it aligns
The aligning gauge acts as a side lay, so the pile is aligned on two edges. If required, the aligning gauge can also be used to center piles on larger sized pallets