Colter & Peterson РNorth America’s leading finishing experts

As a team, Canadian Printing Equipment and Colter & Peterson specialize in every facet of a paper cutter acquisition and ownership, including: maintenance and repair of all types of paper cutters; machine sales; machine moving; safety and productivity upgrades for machines; buying surplus machines and more.

We have been selling new cutters & handling systems for Colter & Peterson into Western Canada for the past 10 years. Dozens of successful installations in some of the largest most prestigious plants. Contact us about how a new cutter, or handling system can change your business today.

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Available Models

The Prism Cutter

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The Prism Cutter

- 30″/78CM – 36″/92CM – 45″/115CM – 54″/137CM
Prism brings together the best paper cutting technology that the world has to offer in an
affordable, high-performance package. Combining a finely honed mechanical
designed and microcut computer controls, a PRISM paper cutter will provide years of
quality, trouble-free operation and address the complete spectrum of your cutting