Morgana Systems Ltd manufactures a comprehensive range of finishing products and systems that are best sellers both in the North America and in markets all over the globe. Continued investment in research & development see Morgana at the forefront of finishing technology with new products now becoming JDF ready including the New DigiFold 5000P.


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Available Models

Morgana FSN Air Feed Rotary Numbering Machine

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The Morgana FSN rotary numbering machine rotary action delivers tremendous productivity gains because numbering, perforating, scoring or slitting can be accomplished without the sheet stopping. Plus you are assured of sequential numbering because the machines will not cycle until the sheets or sets are presented to the machine. This is a Vacuum suction feed machine.

- 9,000 letter size sheets an hour
- Up to 5 perforating blades at one time
- Up to 8 heads can be mounted at one time
- Up to 18.1″ x 18.1″ sheet size
- Up to 7 part NCR
- Vacuum Suction Feed
- Adjustable platen pressure

Autocreaser PRO 33 & 50

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The AutoCreaser 33 and 50 uses a heavy duty creasing die and matrix to give unmatched quality on a wide variety of material up to and often above 120 lb cover stock, particularly if the grain is running in the wrong direction or where cracking occurs on the substrate caused by the printing system.

Whether it be on the grounds of cost, productivity or ease of operation the Morgana range of creasing machines offer unmatched performance and value and are testimony to the Morgana policy of designing first class solutions for document finishing problems.

Pro 33 Max Sheet Size: 12.6” x 27”
Pro 50 Max Sheet Size: 19.6” x 28”

Morgana DocuFold PRO

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The key to the Morgana DocuFold Pro design criteria was a machine with a high degree of automation. Operation is therefore simplicity itself. Enter the sheet size and fold type on the DocuFold Pro SmartScreen and the machine automatically adjusts the fold plates and delivery rollers electronically.

The fold rollers will also compensate for most types of fold or paper weight without the need for adjustment, further enhancing the ease of use. Built-in anti-static brushes assist in the discharge of statically charged print material, one of the most troublesome problems faced by document finishers today.

Morgana AutoFold PRO

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The AutoFold Pro (Picture shown with optional in-line Autocreaser) is an automatic folding machine designed specifically for the professional digital printer whose business is growing.

Over the years we have talked to many digital printers who want a DigiFold but either can’t afford or justify one. Most invest in a creaser of some type (many with a Morgana product but others with competitive products). After a period of time many of these growing digital printers want to upgrade to a creaser/folder but still can’t justify the cost, especially if they want to retain their creaser.

This is where the AutoFold Pro comes to the rescue. It is a free standing folding unit designed for folding digital stocks using our patented flying knife technology which was developed to prevent the scuffing and marking on digital stocks that are caused by folding using conventional methods. The AutoFold Pro is simply wheeled up to ANY creaser and the height of its vacuum feed conveyor is adjusted to the exit height of the creaser.

DigiFold PRO Folder and Creaser

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As its name suggests the new DigiFold Pro incorporates the all new SmartScreen panel making it simpler to use and offering increased functionality for the user.

In addition to this significant feature improvement, we have once again used state of the art technology to increase its speed. The productivity of the DigiFold Pro has been increased by a very creditable 20% and will now crease and fold at 6000 sheets per hour while retaining the accuracy demanded by users of previous DigiFold models.