Rosback Company is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of quality handcrafted book binding and print finishing equipment for the graphic arts industry.

From the beginning, in 1881, Rosback developed a foot-powered perforator for banks that needed paper to tear easily such as checks, stamps, coupons and stock certificates. Today, the Rosback tradition continues as an ongoing world leader in designing and manufacturing book binding and print finishing equipment. Rosback equipment is designed with precision, reliability, and low maintenance for the profit-oriented managers who rely on their bottom line. Rosback Company will get you up and running fast, and keep you running … profitably.
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Available Models

220 Trueline Perforators

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This 20-inch heavy-duty true line perforator has been designed for quality, high production, precision perforating, as well as scoring and slitting on stocks ranging from 9 lb. manifold to 1/16″ board. Available in Vacuum or Friction. Another perfect choice for your finishing equipment needs.

- Perforating heads with built-in chip removers

- Heads can be quickly added or removed

- Up to 5 perforating heads can be used on this 20″ machine

223SR Trueline Perforators

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This TrueLine feeding mechanism is so consistent that it is copied by many folder manufacturers wanting continuous, accurate feeding of various weights of paper. Capable of 26-inch.
- 100% accurate registration system including sheet deflectors and micrometer dial for angular adjustments.
- Positive & continuous vacuum feeding eliminates marking of sensitive materials.

Rosback 240 & 243

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These 30-inch Perforators are equipped with deep pile feed tables. They also have a large diameter vacuum head that permits progressive stock creasing that produces precision scores “equal to or better than” heat-pressure scoring.

These versatile 240 & 243 machines will produce intricate patterns such as perf, strike perf, score and slit combinations, difficult “CD” inlays and “J” cards, tickets, forms; etc. The capabilities are virtually unlimited. Designing and building perforators for over 120 years, Rosback perf, score and slit machines are known worldwide as the most accurate and dependable.