Glunz & Jensen: Computer To Metal Plate

The industry’s most affordable Computer-to-Plate system, capable of producing press-ready aluminium plates, WITHOUT CHEMICAL PROCESSING. The PlateWriter Series boast innovative technology and sets new standards for the cost, flexibility and speed of plate making for small to medium format commercial printers.

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Available Models

PlateWriter 8000

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The new PlateWriter 8000 – Capable to produce 2-UP, 4-UP & 6-UP plates!

Imaging technology 10 x 360 Ultra high definition imaging array (3600 dual density nozzles delivering up to 2880 dpi)
Imaging resolution 1440 x 1440 dpi or 2880 x 2880 dpi
Imaging fluid Patented aqueous Liquid Dot™ technology
Plate types Standard aluminium iPlates
Plate thickness 0.15-0.3 mm (0.006-0.012”)
Plate width 330-1130 mm (13.0-44.5“)
Plate length 450-1090 mm (17.7-42.9”)
Max imaging size (WxL) 1112 x 1073 mm (43.8 x 42.2”)

PlateWriter 3000

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The PlateWriter 3000 – carries forward the environmentally friendly approach to plate making, by delivering press ready aluminium plates without any use of chemical processing.

The PW 3000´s semi-automated plate registration system also provides a versatile plate handling approach which means multiple plate sizes and gauges can be used with no changes.
In addition the sophisticated design of the PlateWriter™ 3000 delivers the highest productivity of all the PlateWriter series, making it suitable for higher volume users in comparison to the PlateWriter 2000/2400 series.

Maximum width: 25.6″ – Maximum legth: 36″ – Ultra high definition 2880 dpi

PlateWriter 2000

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The PlateWriter 2000 is the second generation of Glunz & Jensen’s acclaimed iCtP range of Computer-to-Plate systems, which produce pressready aluminum plates without the use of chemical processing.

The PlateWriter applies a patented Liquid dot image on to non-photosensitive aluminum printing plates. The imaged plates are manually fed through an integrated finishing unit that dries the plates and bonds the liquid dots to the plate surface. The PW 2000 is designed for portrait feeding presses.

Maximum width: 18.1″ – Maximum legth: 24″ – Ultra high definition 2880 dpi