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Canadian Printing Equipment (CPE) is the master distributor for RMGT Graphic Systems to Western Canada. RMGT has established itself as a world leader in the field of small offset printing presses. From this base they have developed high-precision, large-size offset printing presses and digital offset printing presses in the pursuit of enhanced productivity and functionality. In addition, RMGT is developing total printing systems to support the demands of a sophisticated information society, that can flexibly respond to a digital workflow throughout every process, from receipt of the data manuscript to printing and binding.

Please inquire about RMGT’s LED-UV technology. It’s industry changing.

Available Models

RMGT 3404X-DI & 3404E-DI

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The RMGT 3404X-DI and 3404E-DI are waterless, Digital Imaging presses for today’s short run – fast make ready needs. Instead of traditional or CTP plates, this press uses ProFireĀ® Digital Media, a roll-type waterless plate. High-powered lasers form the print image on the plate which is pre-loaded on the press.

The 3404X-DI and 3404E-DI use a satellite V-shaped 5-cylinder system consisting of two sets of double-diameter blanket cylinders and plate cylinders, which rotate around a triplediameter impression cylinder. Paper is tightly held by the impression cylinder grippers and rotated twice without a gripper change for precise 4-color printing. The large diameter of the impression cylinder reduces paper curling as well as damage to the printed material.
Thanks to this cylinder arrangement, the RMGT 3404X-DI and 3404E-DI achieve a remarkably compact design that is about the same size as a conventional 2-color press.

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RMGT 520 GX Series

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With over 10,000 printing units sold worldwide and a solid global reputation, the RMGT 520 Series is turning a new page with redesigned models that are even more user-friendly. The next-generation RMGT 520GX Series 14″ X 20″ size multi-color offset presses feature a wealth of advanced RMGT technologies. Offering faster printing — 15,000 sheets per hour — and even more automated processes and labor-saving enhancements, they are a major step forward in productivity, user-friendly operation, and printing quality.

To acheive the highest quality of print the 520GX series press features: 4 ink form rollers, bearer to bearer cylinders and the RMGT-matic Continuous Dampening System.

The RMGT GXP are equipped with a convertible perfecting device that enables operation to be switched from straight to perfecting fully automatically without the use of tools.

RMGT 750 Series

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Since it’s introduction, the RMGT 750 series has earned a worldwide reputation for superior quality and performance, opening the door to higher sales and greater profitability for many printing companies.

Fully equipped with RMGT’s most advanced technologies, the 750 series offers wider printing sizes, enhanced automation and the latest labor-savingt systems.

The 750 boosts a maximum printing area of 22.83″ X 30.12″ enabling 6-up printing of 8.5 X 11″ and can handle a wide range of paper from 0.0016″ onion skin to 0.031″ thick stock.

The RMGT 750 is available up to 10 printing units for one-pass full-color perfecting. Unlike a straight printing press, no time is lost waiting for the front side to dry after printing, or for paper piling when printing the back side.

Aqueous or UV varnish coating can be processed inline using a retractable coating unit. This unique coating device enables easy adjustment and spot coating. LED-UV curing is the future for high quality print and quick turn around time. Inquire Today.

RMGT 920 Series

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The RMGT 920 with the 25″ X 36″ sheet size delivers the lowest total cost of ownership and the lowest cost-per-printed sheet in 8-up, 16-page full-bleed signature printing. RMGT is the only press manufacturer worldwide that makes an 8-up, 36-inch press in 4-, 5- and 6- color models. More than 250 cost-efficient, high-growth print companies across the Americas, Europe and Asia use RMGT 920 presses.

Five-to 10-minute makereadies, world-class print quality, plate changers, CIP4-JDF compatibility, spectrophotometry, a retractable aqueous or UV coater and LED-UV print capabilities and other features make the RMGT 920 highly competitive with comparably equipped 6-up and 8-up offset presses.

The RMGT 920 is competitive with digital printing on a total production cost per-sheet basis, even at short runs, but also complements digital print platforms because it gives printers the superior print quality and speed that only top-tier offset printing technology can deliver.

RMGT 1050 Series

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The flagship RMGT 1050 series embodies the worlds most advanced technologies and latest innovations. RMGT has made every effort to ensure superior productivity, operability, reliability and quality to give you all the capabilities along with accepting the world largest 40 inch sheet size in it’s class.

A new level of operability is achieved through advanced systems such as the RMGT PQS, which enable inline printing quality control, and the RMGT dual-monitor printing control system. In addition, smooth linking with prepress and post press lets you build the type of efficient digital workflow that helps boost your productivity.

Please contact us to learn about the new RMGT 1050 series press.