UV coating is the most desirable finish on the market today for its ultra high gloss finish. Matte and specialty finishes also enhance the look of any printed piece. With UV coating, there is no need for powder, special stacking or drying time, colors are brighter and the finish will last virtually forever. Whether for brochures, business cards, signs or even digitally produced jobs, UV coating will increase your profits while costing very little per sheet.

The Kompac Kwik Finish is a BLANKET COATER that applies UV, aqueous coating and primers. This system coats “tough to to coat” digital outputs. With the ability to flood coat and spot coat this cutting edgo UV coater handles all types of jobs.

Kompac Kwik Finish

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The Kompac Kwik Finish is an exciting new offline coating and curing system, provides a kwik and easy way to apply UV or aqueous coating and primers to a wide variety of substrates. From offset to digital output, each job will have the lasting durability, protection and rub resistant finish that your customers require.

For outstanding preforance & quality, the Kompac Kwik Finish delivers it all in one system:

- Automated feeder (for ease of feeding a wide variety of stocks)

- FLOOD & SPOT coating capability

- Applies UV, aqueous, specialty and precoating to digital and offset output

- Change jobs and coating quickly

- Average coating cost per sheet is less than one half penny


- Minimum Sheet Size: 5″ X 7″ Maximum Coating Area: 13 3/4″ X 19 1/2″

- Maximum Sheet Size: 15″ X 20″

- Speed: Up to 5500 sheets per hour

- Paper Thickness: 13lb to .013 Card Stock