Service is our #1 priority and is the most important part of our business. Whether it’s a small adjustment or a major repair, CPE has trained technicians ready for the job.

Equipment relocation is one of our expanding areas of service. The need to maximize production area or a plant move is part of our business. Ensuring proper dismantling and relocation is extremely important to the longevity of your equipment. CPE can assist in a single piece or an entire plant move.

Warrantee service is what we are most proud of. An installation isn’t complete until your equipment is running to spec. Follow-up work, operator assistance and maintenance training is all part of an equipment purchase from CPE.

In this day and age of internet sales and smooth talking equipment brokers, the need for local support is greater than ever. Whom you purchase your equipment from is as important as which brand you choose. CPE makes your equipment purchase an effortless decision resulting in a productive piece of equipment and lets you focus on your business.

Give us an opportunity for a complete CPE installation, equipment move or a routine service call.

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